What is the simplest way to eat fat

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The most hoped for fat people is to lose weight, while thin people hope that the body is more fat. Getting weight and weight loss becomes opposite. The method of gaining weight is very clear. What is the simple way to eat fat? The easiest way to eat fat is that each meal is normal, and the diet is more important than highly nutritious food. At this time, the patient's emotions should also pay attention to. stand up.

Normal diet

Breakfast, Chinese food, dinner must be on time. If you can ensure wind and rain, it is easy to be fat. Don't be too particular about food, eat whatever you want, don't pick eaters. Because I hope that whether it is weight loss or gain weight, the first must ensure good health. So I don't agree with drinking beer at night. This is the water, but there is a beer belly, and there is basically no meat on the body. It's useless! However, you can eat some supper appropriately because it is easy to eat supper. The fried things are too hot. Eating too much is not good for your body, and it is easy to make constipation. This can easily cause the more you eat and thinner. The face is yellow.

The healthy recipe for you is that drinking more bean paddles and eating bread is not to eat baked. It is white bread. At noon, because it is eaten in the company, you ca n’t say that you drink more water in the company. If you smoke, you will quit! Eat at home at night, this is easy to do, let your wife cook some soup: for example, pork bone soup, pork feet soup, pork belly soup, lean broth, you can also have time to blame the refrigerator, think about Drink a little when you drink. Drink a cup of milk before going to bed, face beauty, gain weight and hypnosis.

Enough sleep

If there is no important thing, try to sleep before 10:30. It feels that your work pressure is relatively high. Sleeping early can stretch the pressure. You can also put some light music before going to bed, which can relieve your work pressure. As a man, work pressure is a great threat to your health. Successful sleep will make you full of energy every day, and the pressure will be appropriately relieved.

Happy mood

It is important to maintain a happy mood. If you have time, look at the joke. Do n’t stay next to the computer after dinner. You can hold your wife's hand and go to the park to take a walk. Occasionally you can romantic, go to see the movie or something. In short, change to a new lifestyle. You will cause you to gain weight without knowing it

Eat more food

1. Papaya, fish, meat and fresh milk, such as rich protein (protein food), all Healthy weight gain.

2. Soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernels, sesame and corn and other seeds and nuts are effective fat foods. May wish to eat more.

3. Orange, grapes (grape foods), grapefruit and tomato, such as vitamin C, can prevent body deformation.

4. Foods such as celery, walnuts, and red waist beans will helpGrowth of fat and muscle.

5. Foods such as broccoli, broccoli, and sunflower seed oil (oil food), etc., are the secretion of biological enzyme digestive enzymes in the intestine.

The simplest method of eating fat is related to these content explained in the article. Eating fat is conditioned from the aspect of eating. There are many high -nutrition, high -protein and other foods in the diet.In the type, as long as these points are achieved, the body can be fat, but it must also prevent excess nutrition. When the body meets the standard, it must control the diet to prevent the symptoms of obesity due to improper diet, and the harm will occur.


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