How much is 16 points diamond ring

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Now it's not just a proposal or a marriage diamond ring, because in our inherent thoughts, most of the diamond rings are bought by proposal or marriage, and the diamond ring has always been promoted, but now now The ideas of young people are different. Diamond ring can appear as decorations. It is not necessary to wait for men to give away. They can completely send themselves a diamond ring. Besides, women wear diamond rings. It will be more confident, such as 16 -point diamond ring is a good choice. So, how much is the 16 -point diamond ring?

How much is the 16 -point diamond ring

It is not difficult to know how much the diamond ring of 16 points is, but you need to see which brand store you buy Although the 16 -point diamond ring is a small diamond ring, the general brands are sold, and the prices between different brands are also different. The higher the price of the diamond ring, the higher the general brand. The price of the diamond ring is estimated to be only about 4,000 yuan, but it also depends on the quality of the diamond, the level of 4C and the style of the diamond ring.

Is the diamond ring a 16 -point diamond ring

If you look at the diamond ring on the market now, the 16 -point diamond ring must be very small. At present 10 points, so the 16 -point diamond ring is naturally small, but it is still purchased by many people. After all, not all people are rich. The 16 -point diamond ring is acceptable Secondly, the 16 -point diamond ring is more suitable for the people in terms of price, so sometimes don't think that small diamond rings are inappropriate, maybe unexpected surprises.

How big the diamond ring is worth millions

As long as the female celebrities we see on TV are married, the first thing everyone pays attention to is the price of diamond ring. Of course, rich people buy It is normal for a million diamond ring, and even the price is tens of millions. According to the current price of diamond rings on the current market, the diamond ring worth millions is estimated to have at least three carats, and the diamond ring of the three carats is more than three carats, and the diamond ring of the three carats is more than the diamond ring. It is still a small pigeon egg diamond ring. At present, everyone also calls the diamond ring of Sanya as a small pigeon egg diamond ring.

In fact, for our ordinary office workers, it is definitely unrealistic to be able to afford millions of diamond rings, so we must seek truth from facts. Small diamond rings even have only a few thousand dollars diamond rings. It has its value, and the most important thing is that the meaning of the diamond ring has not changed.


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