Is there a certificate for 20 points diamond ring?

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鉆石在很多人眼里都是昂貴的,所以很多人在購買昂貴的鉆石戒指的時候都會感到一些不安,怕買到劣質的鉆石,所以很多人都會追求一個對自己的保障,在這些保障里面, One is that the diamond ring that can be strongly proved is genuine, which is the identification certificate of the diamond ring. So many people will ask again, do you have a certificate even if you buy a smaller diamond ring? Next, let's take a look at whether the small diamond ring has a certificate.

Is there a certificate for 20 points?

This answer is yes, because the verification of our country in jewelry is very strict, not only in our country, but also jewelry dealers. There are false inferior jewelry, so each diamond ring that can appear on the sales desk of the jewelry store will definitely be equipped with a certification of a national professional institution, so people who buy it can rest assured. When buying, the merchant did not give the corresponding identification certificate, so they could give up the purchase directly.

How much is the 20 -point diamond ring

We want to know how much 20 points of diamond rings are, and we must know how large the 20 -point diamond ring is. We often say that the 1 -carat diamond ring replacement component is equal to 100 points, so the 20 -point diamond ring is one -fifth of the 1 carat diamond ring. The price of a 1 -carat diamond ring is about 40,000 to 60,000 yuan, and the price of 50 points diamond rings is between 20,000 and 30,000. Between 8,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan, the price is a relatively affordable price.

Where can I buy

20 -point diamond ring is not a very large diamond ring. It is relatively ordinary and can only be counted as a small particle diamond, so it is very common on the market. It is not difficult to buy. Generally, the jewelry brands can be bought, so don't worry about this problem. If you are still afraid of buying inferior diamond ring, you only need to choose a reliable brand to buy it. 20 points diamond ring.

No matter how big we buy a diamond ring, we must keep in mind a element, that is, look at the authoritative identification certificate of the diamond ring. Only a certificate can prove that your diamond ring is genuine. Still a 20 -point medium diamond ring, the certificate is the most powerful proof.


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