0.15 carat diamond ring

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We all know that diamonds are a more luxurious jewelry and the king of jewelry. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring, the price of the diamond ring is quite high, but you can choose a diamond ring that is suitable for your size and price according to your consumption power. Essence The 0.15 carat diamond ring is a relatively small diamond. Some people feel more curious about its price, but there is no concept of its size. Let's take a look together.

0.15 carat diamond ring

There are many people who like to wear diamond rings. Usually office workers like to buy a small carat diamond ring to wear, because they look delicate and very temperament, 0.15, 0.15, 0.15 Clarphana ring is a diamond ring that many office workers like to wear. If you have better conditions, it is recommended to buy a diamond ring about 30 points. The price of the 0.15 carat diamond ring is actually not very expensive. It belongs to small diamonds. The price range is hundreds to thousands. It depends on the quality of diamonds to determine the price. Diamond rings of different quality are different.

How big is the 0.15 carat diamond ring

We all know that the diamond ring is calculated with carats, then 0.15 grams is 15 points, 15 points diamond diameter is generally 3.4 mm, although not large, although not large , But it still shines very well, because the diamonds are very dazzling no matter where they are. One carat's diamond is as small as soybeans, and one carat is equal to 100 points. 15 points of diamonds can make up for it.


求婚的時候一定會買鉆戒,這是因為鉆戒象征了永恒的愛情,而現在很多人都喜歡買鉆戒,雖然有It's expensive, but there are also cheap. Most people's consumption level is similar. It is recommended to choose a diamond ring that suits them according to their economic ability. Generally, people like to buy 30 to 70 diamond rings. You can also choose according to your own situation.

After reading some of the above introductions, we already know the size of the 0.15 carat diamond ring and the price. In fact, the price of such a small diamond ring is very cheap. If you have good economic conditions, you can buy a little bigger. Diamond ring, it will be more eye -catching to wear, especially when proposal, it is recommended to buy a larger diamond ring, because women like diamond rings.


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